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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to www.mcpointcompany.com! As a visitor, you are able to browse selected information on the website without providing your PII (Personal Identity Information). In certain situations, MCPoint will require you to provide us with personal information to enable us to offer you the particular service or information requested. Please read our privacy policy below to assist your understanding of how we use and protect your personal information.

Collection of Your Personal Information
MCPoint may collect certain personal information from you when you use selected services or participate in selected online activities on our website. We identify all mandatory information fields with (*) or other equivalent symbols. We also may collect optional information for the purposes of gaining a better understanding of online user activities and/or developing a tailored marketing response. You will have the choice to answer or decline to answer any of the optional information requests.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information
MCPoint processes your information with due care and consideration and will not sell or lend your information to any third party. MCPoint may use any personal information you provide for identification reasons whilst you access the website. MCPoint reserve the right to combine the information we collect with that of any third party for marketing, the provision of services or any other like purpose.

Security of Your Personal Information
MCPoint is committed to protecting the security of the personal information you provide. MCPoint does not allow any third party to access personal information you provide to MCPoint without your prior consent. MCPoint uses the appropriate protection mechanisms, technologies and internal procedures to maintain the security of your information and prevent any unauthorized access of your information. In certain circumstances, MCPoint may use a standard SSL and SET mechanism to protect the transfer of your personal information .

Maintenance & Management
MCPoint reserves the right at any time and under any circumstance to remove personal information provided by users, customers or otherwise. MCPoint further reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue or terminate any users’ accesses to all or part of the website content without any prior notification.

Contact Us
Should you have any enquiries in respect of the above privacy policy or the way in which MCPoint manages personal information, please contact MCPoint directly via the contact details provided on the website.